• Aaron Adlem

Five top tips and tricks to make Assassin's Creed Valhalla even more enjoyable!

After reaching over 100 hours on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are a whole bunch of things I wish I knew earlier on that would have made my experience that much more enjoyable.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed almost every second of the game so far! Aside from a couple of game-breaking bugs and the occasional crash, it is still my Game of the Year so far in 2020.

Here are a handful of tips I have picked up along the way that might help you on your journey to glory!

1. Dual wielding does not affect your damage output

Whilst this seems counter-productive, it is important to know that whatever weapon you choose to equip in your off hand doesn’t directly affect your overall damage – hear me out.

Your damage output is purely determined by your main hand weapon. Should you choose to equip an off hand such as a shield or an axe your actual damage is essentially the same, HOWEVER, you will gain the combat effect of whatever your off hand is: A shield will allow you to block more effectively; another axe will give you a fast flurry of attacks; and so on.

This means a main hand weapon and having nothing equipped in your off hand is still perfectly viable; that also means you are able to whip out the hidden blade during combat!

2. Teach your horse to swim, like... now

Horses are stubborn, as you'll discover upon plunging them into the depths of the unknown. They are more than happy to swim back to the shore from whence they came, but getting them to other side of the river is another thing entirely.

Stablemasters in the cities (located by finding a horse icon on your map), can train your little disobedient subjects to love the water; you can even increase their speed too! No longer will you be slouching around in soaking armour as your horse treads through the water like a trusty steed!

3. Arrows go BOOM!

After hours upon HOURS of searching for inconveniently-placed explosive jars (who left these things here anyway?) to break through countless rubble walls, to get to that tasty, tasty wealth, once you unlock the ability 'Incendiary Powder Trap', you can just fire that at them instead!

Added bonus for not setting yourself on fire in the process!

4. Use dual-wield 2H axes to smash down those pesky door bars

One of my biggest gripes with the game so far is the lack of variety when it comes to obtaining access to various collectables, so after several hours it becomes more of an annoyance than a challenge.

Equipping a 2H axe in each hand (available once you learn the 'Heavy Dual Wield' Talent), you can heavy attack the door to break the bar from the outside.

Now of course this seems more like an exploit than an actual feature, so it is likely going that it'll be patched in the future, but until this happens it allows you to maintain your sanity that little bit longer!

5. Assign skill points to look in the next tree

Whilst the skill tree can be extremely overwhelming at first glance, it's actually extremely forgiving. You can reset your points and re-assign your abilities at any time.

This allows you to take a sneaky peak into the next skill tree without having to commit to the perks along the way. There's also plenty of skill points to go around; yes It is possible to obtain every single one but it'll take you 400 skill points to get there!

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