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A guide to the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands weekly reset

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Picture Credit: Blizzard

A week in the life of Shadowlands

We are well in to our first reset of latest World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands and there’s no shortage of things to tick off of your weekly checklist, but don't worry too much, as we've put together where your top priorities should lie!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get stuck in quite yet, we are currently capped at Covenant Renown level 6, but Blizzard have ensured there will be catch ups in place to ensure people won’t get left behind as time goes on!

Table of Contents

Daily To-Dos

  1. Covenant Callings

  2. The Maw

  3. World Quests and Dungeons

Weekly To-Dos

  1. Dungeon Quests

  2. Covenant Renown

  3. Mythic Dungeons

  4. Torghast

  5. Wrath of the Jailer

What should I be doing daily?

Covenant Callings

Your daily goals should be to complete your Covenant Calling. These are missions you can pick up from your Covenant Hall; you can have up to three available which refresh every 24 hours, so do not stress too much if you miss a day, as you can go back and complete it up to three days later.

The Maw

You should also be diving into the depths of the Maw to complete your missions for Ve’nari (that mysterious woman seemingly exiled from Bastion with the flaming head), as increasing your reputation with them will help you unlock permanent upgrades to assist you in both the endless dungeon Torghast and the Maw itself.

You can take this time to annoy the Jailer by killing his rare spawns that pop up periodically, giving you a chance to loot rare items, or just more Stygia, which is used as a currency to buy upgrades from Ve’nari. Beware: If you reach Tier Five, 'Eye of the Jailer', then don't stick around in the Maw for too long, as he'll just outright kill you. Bit harsh.

World Quests and Dungeons

Optionally you have your dungeon and World Quests to complete, and although they won't have too much of an impact, it is important to note that anima for the most part is used to unlock cosmetics for your Covenant or upgrades at your Sanctum Hall and are not really directly associated with player power, at least at the point of writing this article.

What should I be doing Weekly?

Dungeon Quests

Each week you will pick up two quests to complete random dungeons, which will award you with both anima and a reputation token which you can redeem for a Shadowlands faction of your choice. These can be completed on any difficulty whether normal, heroic or mythic, meaning no one should have any difficulty completing these. Besides, you’ll be doing dungeons to gear up anyway, so make sure to pick them up as soon as you log in!

Covenant Renown Quests

Whilst currently capped at renown level 6 you have the opportunity to increase your Renown through weekly quests from your sanctum every reset, completing these will unlock additional benefits and cosmetics with your chosen Covenant.

Mythic Dungeons

Probably the most important part of your weekly gearing routine, all mythic dungeons have a seven-day lock out which means you can only secure loot from each boss once. You can secure groups by using the group finder tool, however you are unable to automatically search for others at this difficulty so you’ll have to either find four other people yourself, or join a pre-made group.


Picture Credit: Blizzard

Currently we only have access to the first three floors of two wings within Torghast. This means we are unable to obtain more than 810 Soul Ash each week, with more floors scheduled to unlock as of December 9th which will increase this cap. When you have collected 1,250, you are able to make your first legendary!

Once you have completed a floor within Torghast, you are able to then start at the same point the following week. For example, if you complete floor three once finishing floors one and two, then you are able to go straight to floor three in the next cycle which upon completion, will reward you with the Soul Ash from all floors before it, meaning you won’t have to run every floor, every reset!

That pretty much covers what your daily and weekly goals should be, but you should make sure to of course remember to do your missions from your Command Table. It's free sh*t for little to no time investment - why wouldn't you?!

Wrath of the Jailer

After trekking through the maw, you will notice an icon pop up periodically indicating when an ongoing event called 'Wrath of the Jailer' is currently active. Completing this event is generally a walk in the park as you will only be one amongst a whole crowd of people also working to complete it, doing so will net you with a chance to loot a piece of184 ilvl gear! Easy right?

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