• Daniel Falconer

Five things we expect to see from BlizzCon 2021, including Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 details

Later this month (February 2021), fans of Blizzard Entertainment titles will finally be able to enjoy BlizzCon, following its cancellation in 2020. Now free for all who want to watch and rebranded as BlizzConline, we’ve got to thinking about what we may get some more information about when the event rolls around on February 19th.

5. A release date for Overwatch 2 (and a new hero!)

We’ve not heard anything about the sequel to beloved multiplayer game Overwatch for some time now, so we can expect a massive info dump at BlizzCon!

With a deeper look at the new game modes and single-player campaign expected, we wouldn’t be shocked if we finally got a release date for the title. There’s even the possibility that Blizzard will decide to release it as DLC for the main game rather than as a standalone title.

Speaking of the original Overwatch, it’s been some time since a new hero has stepped onto the scene. If we don’t see one at BlizzCon, it’d be fair to make the assumption that any new heroes will be left on the shelf until the release of the sequel.

4. Glimpse of gameplay from Diablo 4

We know that Diablo 4 is still in super-early development, but to see a glimpse of an Alpha would be more than enough to quench the thirst of fans. They could even go a step further and make the Alpha playable for some people, rather than just releasing a gameplay video.

Further details will of course be revealed. One that most of us have been chomping at the bit to find out is which two classes will complete the roster of five that will be available at launch. Who will join the Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid? We may just be a couple of weeks away from finding out.

3. A release date for Diablo Immortal

When it was first revealed at BlizzCon, there was outrage. It was a year when the fans were expecting a lot more, but ended up with news on a simple mobile game. Since that point, it’s felt like Diablo Immortal has been stuck in developmental hell for a VERY long time.

So, if we don’t get a release date for the game at BlizzCon, we’re honestly unsure if the game will ever see the light of day…

2. Yet another Hearthstone rotation and future plans

Those who enjoy Hearthstone will likely see what the next standard rotation will bring around when it triggers in April, as well as hearing from developers about the future of the card-battling game. There may even be yet another new game mode up their sleeve; but we wouldn’t be shocked if there wasn’t too much given away about the title’s future after all of the additions we’ve seen in recent months.

1. A look at the next World of Warcraft: Shadowlands raid

Following the hugely-successful launch of World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands, BlizzCon is likely to focus a lot on the MMORPG and in particular, the looming second Raid for the expansion. With Anduin being turned into a weapon by both The Jailer and Sylvanas Windrunner, it may be that we have to go up against a whole array of the Jailer’s minions before taking down Anduin himself.

There’s also the possibility that there will be a bunch of new enemies we’ve not yet met that we need to take out, with Anduin being kept for a raid at a later date. Whatever the case may be, the lore is genuinely exciting this expansion and we can’t wait to see where writers take us next!

BlizzCon 2021 takes place between February 19th to February 20th, completely free and online!